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Welcome to the official site for the art and life of Angelo Ippolito, internationally exhibited painter, renowned member of the New York School of abstract expressionism, and beloved teacher.
New website coming soon
A comprehensive website surveying all the major series of works by Angelo Ippolito is planned for release in the coming year. In the meantime, this site offers a sampling of works by the renowned artist.

Yvette Torres plans major exhibition
A full-gallery show of Ippolito's paintings and works on paper is being organized for August 2018 by Yvette Torres Fine Art, a venerable gallery in Rockland, Maine's lively art capital.

NYU show examines Ippolito's historic role
The groundbreaking exhibition "Inventing Downtown" celebrates the transformation of the New York art scene by artist-run galleries, beginning with the Tanager Gallery co-founded by Angelo Ippolito and Fred Mitchell in 1952.

Dayton Art Institute acquires October II
The colorful 1982 canvas is now in the collection of the Dayton Art Institute, where it joins works by Ippolito's compatriots such as Willem DeKooning, Mark Rothko, and Fairfield Porter.

Praise for Springfield retrospective
The Springfield Museum exhibition makes the cover story of the 2011 Gallery Guide, while press calls it "a joy" (Columbus Dispatch) and Ippolito "an artist's artist" (Springfield News-Sun).

Intimate abstractions in Belfast, Maine
Between Sky and Sea, a solo exhibition of smaller works, opens August 13th, 2010 at the Beaver Street gallery.

2011 retrospective in Springfield
A major Ippolito exhibition is planned for the Springfield Museum of Art, to open in January 2011.

Two gems enter Colby collection
The Colby Museum of Art has acquired Bridge and Spring Rain, two lively paintings from the 1980s.

Yale acquires important early work
Renowned collector Richard Brown Baker has donated Angelo Ippolito's 1955 painting Midday to the Yale University Art Gallery. An early supporter of Ippolito's work, Baker wrote a heartfelt appraisal that is printed in the 2008 Yale Bulletin.

Solo exhibition at UMMA
The University of Maine Museum of Art in Bangor mounted a show of large abstractions, including several from the Regatta series, from October 2008 to January 2009.

Summer and fall exhibitions
Ippolito's painting September appeared in the exhibition Summer Set 2008 at David Findlay Jr. from 5 July to 23 August, while a major solo exhibition at the University of Maine Museum of Art is planned for October.

Art of the Gesture at David Findlay Jr
Ippolito's work is featured in this catalogue and exhibition at 41 E. 57th Street in New York from April 5 to 26, 2008. The opening reception is Saturday, April 5, 3:00-5:00pm.

Springfield Museum acquires three works
The Springfield Museum of Art acquired three Ippolito paintings from the 1960s and 1990s and exhibited them in the exhibition Primo! in February 2008.

Bangor celebrates Ippolito acquisition
Kristen Andresen of the Bangor Daily News applauds the "bold, colorful" works by this "pivotal" artist, while UMMA calls the acquisition a "significant boost" to the university.

UMaine museum acquires major paintings
University President Robert Kennedy announced a major acquisition by the recently expanded museum in downtown Bangor in a special event on December 6, 2007. Read the press release or watch a video of the announcement.

Abstract Impulse exhibition in fall 2007
Ippolito's painting Roundabout, recently acquired by the National Academy in New York City, will be featured in this exhibition. The show runs from 1 August 2007 to 6 January 2008 with a reception on 18 September, and includes a catalogue by Academy curator Marshall Price.

Ippolito in Smithsonian publication
A story about Ippolito's younger days by Cynthia Hart appears in A Thousand Kisses: Love Letters from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art, to be published by HarperCollins in 2007.

Summer 2007 show at David Findlay Jr
Ippolito's Evening Landscape is featured in the summer exhibition at David Findlay Jr. Fine Art in New York.

Kane film reviews Tanager history
Richard Kane has produced a new film on painter Lois Dodd, one of the original members of the historic Tanager gallery co-founded by Angelo Ippolito. The film includes vintage photographs of Ippolito from the early 10th Street days of the New York School; it premieres in Rockland, Maine in August 2007 and in New York City the following November.

Ippolito inducted into National Academy
Angelo Ippolito has been formally inducted into the National Academy of Design, joining the company of many of the most distinguished artists of our time. The National Academy is located at 1083 Fifth Avenue in New York City. The induction was recently announced but Angelo was formally approved as early as April 18, 2001.

Portrait featured in Alexandre Gallery
A portrait of Angelo by sculptor William ["Bill"] King is featured in "The Early Work of William King" from December 2 through January 27 at the Alexandre Gallery on 57th Street in New York. This famous bust also appears in the show's catalogue.

Sept 2006 solo show at David Findlay Jr, NYC
A solo show of Ippolito's Regatta Series kicks off the fall season at New York's David Findlay Jr. Fine Art Saturday September 9th from 3-5pm. Curated by Louis Newman and Dallas Dunn, the exhibition features over a dozen major oils from this little-known series by the artist and runs from 2-27 September 2006. Read more on the series, view images of the works, or find out the gallery hours and location.

Regatta panoramas acquired by Roberson Center
Three of the largest works in the Regatta Series were acquired in the past year by the Roberson Museum and Science Center in Binghamton, New York. The recently renovated museum is well suited to displaying these panoramic works, over nine feet in length each.
Artist Angelo Ippolito (1922-2001) produced a body of oils on canvas, works on paper, and assemblages renowned for their lyrical color, light, and compositional rigor.

An emigrée from Italy at age nine, Ippolito helped usher in the downtown New York arts scene by co-founding the influential Tanager gallery in 1952, earning him the moniker "Mr. Tenth Street." His paintings gained acclaim for their "brilliant color" (Fairfield Porter) and "joyous lyricism" (Dore Ashton), and are featured in the collections of New York's MoMA, Whitney, and Metropolitan museums.

To categorize Angelo Ippolito is to misunderstand him. Ippolito was a full professor and a high-school dropout. He wore tailored European suits to flea markets; he listened to John Cage and Johnny Cash. He was quintessentially Italian but American at heart. As art historian Kenneth Lindsay writes in Ippolito's 1975 retrospective catalogue, "he plays out his life like a good jazz musician who 'feels' the right point of entry and improvises a chorus within acknowledged limits of form."

For an excellent reference on the artist, see Irving Sandler's book Angelo Ippolito (Binghamton University Press, 2004). Or contact the artist's estate at 207 581-4477 or via moc.otiloppiolegna@etatse to learn more.

The Regatta Series (1984-89)
If the "color as light" abstractions of the late 1970s and early 1980s were informed by the artist's prior excursions into landscape imagery, Angelo Ippolito's Regatta series represent another intrepid cruise into uncharted pictorial waters. In the early 1980s Ippolito's planes of color began to stand out from an increasingly monochromatic picture plane. From 1984 to 1985 these planes took on recognizable, if abstracted shapes: pennants, sails, and other nautical motifs emerged in Ippolito's abstractions, as though the very canvas he painted on were re-asserting its material heritage as sailing cloth.

These paintings continue a trend inaugurated by the "color as light" paintings away from pictorial foci clustered near the center of the canvas. The middle of most Regatta paintings is vacant, with most of the action taking place at the edges of the frame or at seemingly random intersections of color planes. Compositions that seem to read as a quick gestalt turn out upon closer inspection to produce strong spatial ambiguities. Paintings such as Mare Verde or Regatta no. 7 leave unresolved the question of which planes advance or recede, just as Sails leaves open the question of which blue patch is sky and which is ocean.

The odd angles and juxtapositions of the Regatta paintings suggest a photograph that is cropped so perversely that its viewer cannot tell what perspective the shot is taken from or even what exactly is depicted. And yet the setting for these enigmatic canvases is unquestionably the sea; as is his wont, Ippolito has evoked a sense of place without resorting to an illustrative depiction.

Ippolito's Regatta paintings are in such public collections as New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Roberson Center for the Arts and Sciences, Binghamton, NY.
Sample paintings from the Regatta series

Regatta no. 3, 1985
Oil on linen, 70 x 64 inches
Regatta no. 8, 1986
Oil on linen, 84 x 140 inches

Sunset Regatta, 1986
Oil on linen, 40 x 50 inches

Red Regatta, 1986
Oil on linen, 40 x 45 inches

Evening Regatta [large], 1986
Oil on linen, 84 x 70 inches

Green Regatta, 1986
Oil on linen, 40 x 45 inches

Mare Verde, 1986
Oil on linen, 66 x 78 inches

Blue Water, 1987
Oil on linen, 66 x 87 inches

White Sail, 1987
Oil on linen, 48 x 54 inches

Adrift and Tack, 1987
Oil on linen, 48 x 108 inches overall

Scudding and Windward, 1988
Oil on linen, 48 x 108 inches

Sails, 1988
Oil on linen, 66 x 78 inches

A Place, 1989
Oil on linen, 66 x 78 inches

A sampling of other paintings

Evening Landscape in Blue, 1984
Oil on linen, 42 x 48 inches
Springtime, 1983
Oil on canvas, 28 x 30 inches
Kusadasi Bazaar, 1983
Oil on linen, 69 x 84 inches
Sunscape, 1982
Oil on canvas, 48 x 54 inches
Urbana, 1964
Oil on linen, 69 x 60 inches
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ABOVE RIGHT: Green Regatta, 1986. Oil on linen, 40 x 45 inches.